Stu's Story

It was around 2006 when I got my first taster of podcasts,

they were mainly re-runs of national and local radio

stations, mostly news, politics and a few phone in shows.

Each day I'd download a few hours of shows from their

respective web pages and had the chore of loading them

up to my mp3 player.

 2009 saw the launch of the iPhone 3GS and this revolutionised the way I downloaded and listened to podcasts, the vast choice of shows opened up a whole new world of listening and I soon discovered the indie podcast scene, podcasts being produced by your average Joe in basements, garages and bedrooms across the land.

Twelve years on and my love for podcasts is stronger than ever, there's probably millions of Podcasts out there, covering every possible genre you can imagine and I'm forever searching for those little gems of shows.

Similar to the princess kissing a lot of frogs before she finds her prince I have to download a vast number of podcasts before I find the ones that stand out from the crowd. In early 2018 I took the plunge and started The Podcast Factor, the premise being to share my favourite podcasts in the form of five to ten minute clips, this gives the listener a handful bite sized tasters.

I welcome listeners and other podcasters to send clips in to The Podcast Factor from their favorite shows or from podcasts they produce.

Clips can be sent via Google Drive or DropBox to

Your continuous support by listening and sharing the show to spread the word is very much appreciated.

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